Heston Blumenthal has launched his new restaurant, The Perfectionists’ Café in Heathrow’s Terminal 2

Designed by acclaimed designer Afroditi Krassa, it’s a nostalgic take on the glamour of 1960s flying and a real-life manifestation of Heston’s In Search of Perfection TV series and book where he explored and reinvented Britain’s favourite dishes. His uniquely creative approach means many dishes are turned upside down as he’s started again with the nation’s most popular dishes as well as favourites of the busy traveller – from breakfast, to cocktails and beyond.

Using local artisan producers for their raw ingredients, breads and pastries are made from Heston’s own unique recipes, and they’ve even created bespoke kitchen equipment, from Heathrow’s first wood-burning oven to fish n’ chip batter that has been specially ‘siphoned’ to create an exceptional crunch  and culinary experience.

There’s even a futuristic ice cream bar, complete with two steel cylinders of liquid nitrogen, freezing custard so quickly that it creates the smoothest of ice creams. 



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