Cicchetti, Knightsbridge

Cicchetti Knightsbridge: 'The interior is nothing short of spectacular'

Traditional and authentic are not two words that usually spring to mind when talking about a ‘chain’ style restaurant. Cicchetti, the newest Knightsbridge opening from the San Carlo Group, is somehow an exception to the rule...

Lead Image: San Carlo Cicchetti

Boasting the type of grandeur one has come to expect from the San Carlo Group, the restaurant interior is nothing short of spectacular - all marble countertops, impressive chandeliers and abstract artworks spanning the walls that work harmoniously to create an art deco feel.

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge - San Carlo Group

Downstairs, you’ll find immaculate private dining spaces perfect for an occasion dinner you won’t forget in a hurry.

The food is no less impressive. No different from the site's sister restaurants, the menu centres around contemporary Italian dining, serving up classic dishes and unfussy options that focus on fresh ingredients and Venetian inspired plates.

Highlights of their current ‘cicchetti’s’ include their gorgonzola gnocchi - which is served in an actual baked Parmesan basket - as well as their Fritto Portofino (deep fried prawns, scallops and calamari i.e a seafood lovers dream), and the ravioli lobster.

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge - San Carlo Group

Those with a sweet tooth will rejoice at the sight of the dessert menu, which includes creamy Italian tiramisu, decadent, homemade ice cream and possibly one of the best desserts I have ever tried, their homemade pistachio cake.

The restaurant also boasts a separate upstairs bar, with expert mixologists on hand to create new and exciting cocktails, as well as serving a range of traditional wines originating from different Italian regions.

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge

Cicchetti, Knightsbridge - San Carlo Group

Whether you are looking for a place to escape the throngs of Knightsbridge shopping for sharing plates and wine, or traditional Italian fare at an affordable price point compared to its neighbouring competitors, Cicchetti is a venue that needs to be on your radar, and is surely a welcome offering into SW1.

Address: 6 Hans Road, Knightsbridge SW3 1RX


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