Middle Eight offers charming Italian food complete with a stunning new cocktail menu which proved to be the highlight of the evening.

Located in Covent Garden, the restaurant at the plush hotel has a classy but laid-back atmosphere that allows customers to truly savour their time there.

There was no sense of rush to finish the meal quickly and instead, I felt like I could time and fully enjoy the experience.

I was sure to praise our waitress for her attentive and knowledgeable service as she always had a great answer to any questions about the menu or a recommendation that pushed the meal that bit further.

The architecture of the restaurant also caught my attention as the back wall of the dining area is adorned with a pattern reminiscent of a block puzzle, adding an interesting visual element to the space.

The Resident: Inside the venueInside the venue (Image: Amy C)

The main centre piece of the room, however, is undoubtedly the bar, which is beautifully lit up with atmospheric lighting.

The restaurant offers a wide range of options on their menu, filled with authentic Italian charm and with so many choices, it was a challenge for us to decide what to order.

One highlight of the dining experience at Middle Eight is their latest cocktail menu, named "A Sip of Theatre."

Curated by the hotel's esteemed Head Mixologist, Maurice Lawrence, the menu pays homage to classics while also resurrecting old favourites.

The Resident: Our chosen cocktailsOur chosen cocktails (Image: Amy C)

We had the opportunity to try cocktails such as the Litchi De Bergamotto, a beautiful and feminine concoction adorned with small hearts on the foam.

Another standout cocktail is the Tropic Tommy, which packs quite a punch with flavours of vanilla, habanero chili, and thyme-infused Olmeca Tequila Blanco.

Despite its strong taste, the cocktail manages to maintain a perfect blend of flavours without being overpowering.

The Spiced Mule, made with Kraken Black Spice Rum, ended up being my favourite drink throughout the night and might even be the best mule I have ever had.

For those who prefer a zingy short drink, the Grape Nut Sour offers a delightful combination of VSOP Cognac, amaretto, pineapple, and aromatic bitters.

Moving on to the food menu, the starters at Middle Eight offered a delightful introduction to the meal.

We enjoyed sharing dishes such as arancine, breaded deep-fried balls of risotto rice with pureed peas, mint, and mozzarella, as well as forgonzola and sopressa dumplings.

The Resident: Our chosen dishesOur chosen dishes (Image: Amy C)

For the main course, I raved about the gnocchi, which was served with green asparagus in a slow-cooked tomato sauce with a hint of cheese and pesto which had well-balanced flavours and a satisfying blend of ingredients.

Grilled spatchcock chicken with charred baby gem, crumbled blue cheese, golden raisins, and rocket leaves was my partner's choice.

The dish was beautifully presented and is complemented by a side of baby corn, as recommended by the waitress.

To end the meal on a sweet note, the desserts at Middle Eight do not disappoint.

I had a seven-layered rich chocolate cake with textures of chocolate and hazelnut which was surely a favourite among chocolate enthusiasts.

The amaretti semifreddo encased in a dark chocolate dome offered my partner a unique and theatrical experience as the waitress pours hot salted caramel sauce over the dessert, causing the dome to collapse and reveal the hidden treat inside.

The Resident: Desserts at Middle EightDesserts at Middle Eight (Image: Amy C)


Middle Eight is located at 66 Great Queen St, London WC2B 5BX in Covent  Garden.