I’m a sucker for Japanese food, and after moving from the north to London, I can’t get enough of it.

London is swarmed with luxey, aesthetic Japanese restaurants and I absolutely love trying new ones.

Gura Gura is one of Covent Garden’s newest, and with its stunning interior and great vibes I couldn’t wait to go.

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The Resident: The menu is split into small and large plates, as well as sushiThe menu is split into small and large plates, as well as sushi (Image: Lateef Photography)

I went on a Tuesday, and for a school night it was busy, lively and buzzy, so I can imagine on a weekend it's even more of a night out.

It’s situated in Slingsby Place, surrounded by other restaurants, and has an upstairs and a downstairs seating area.

The upstairs seemed more tame and quiet, and would be the kind of spot where I’d want to sit for a quiet date night or chilled meal with friends or family.

Wanting something more fun however, we asked to go downstairs and were met with an incredible looking bar and gorgeously modern interior.

The Resident: Gura Gura's luscious barGura Gura's luscious bar (Image: Reedit)

The cocktail menu was extensive. It had section dedicated to negronis. and was split by flavour notes including sweet, sour and salty.

I really appreciated this as I don’t think there’s anything worse than a sour cocktail and I always have to ask for the sweetest on the menu.

There were lights on the table which could be tapped to adjust in brightness or colour according to whether or not service was required at the table.

The Resident: Culinary influences include Japanese and South East Asian cuisinesCulinary influences include Japanese and South East Asian cuisines (Image: Lateef Photography)

The staff were so friendly, helpful and really made an effort to make sure we were happy.

My boyfriend and I both ordered a sweet cocktail made with a vodka and blueberry liquor base.

The food menu was split into sections – sushi, small plates, larger plates, dim sum and sides.

It was a struggle to limit ourselves to not ordering the whole menu, but we chose a few sushi bits to start with.

The Resident: The restaurant has a buzzy, lively atmosphereThe restaurant has a buzzy, lively atmosphere (Image: Gura Gura)

We had the salmon roll, tuna roll, and crunchy avocado roll.

They were delicious, and were a perfect start before our robata grilled potato skewers with a teriyaki glaze and the scallop and prawn sui mai which my boyfriend was desperate to try.

We also had a sashimi platter, and the kabayaki black cod.

The cod was cooked to perfection, and melted in the mouth.

The fish tasted fresh, and it was all presented beautifully which is another thing I'm a bit of a sucker for at nice restaurants.

The Resident: The restaurant has a separate dim sum menu tooThe restaurant has a separate dim sum menu too (Image: Lateef Photography)

For dessert, which we definitely didn't need but couldn't resist, we went for the dark chocolate fondant and the mango and passionfruit mousse.

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Among lotus biscoff cheesecake and macha and white chocolate mousse, the dessert decision was not an easy one but I’m confident we made the right choice.

Paired with another drink each – this time I went for the lychee and raspberry mocktail because I love lychee – the chocolate and fruity mix was the perfect way to end what had been a great meal in a really nice setting.

Address: 19 Slingsby Place, Covent Garden WC2H 9DL

Website: guragura.co.uk