There are only a select few restaurants in London that has a vibe is so good it makes me feel confident, relaxed, sexy and of course, happy. STK Steakhouse is one of them.

STK is a traditional steakhouse which offers a dynamic dining experience and a buzzy atmosphere, and on a Friday evening, I visited the popular restaurant in Strand.

I am no stranger to the STK Steakhouse chain, as I have fortunately been able to visit the restaurants in Westminster and Stratford, but I had never visited the Strand until now.

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The Resident: The steak was cooked to perfectionThe steak was cooked to perfection (Image: STK Steakhouse)

As we entered the restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice the impeccable interior; the marble floor shined throughout the restaurant, and there were flower petals dusted over the dimly lit seating booths – it was both elegant and gorgeous.

Our waiter for the evening, Rui, took us to our seats and gave us a mini briefing about the menu – he was friendly and attentive, and made us feel relaxed as soon as we sat down.

For starters, we chose the crispy calamari and the lil brgs’, which are mini burgers with a delicious, one-of-a-kind sauce.


We got stuck into the cocktails, which included the pink blush, tropical kiss, and my personal favourite, sweet heart, which was made up of grey goose, strawberry liqueur, disaronno, orange juice, passionfruit puree, and vanilla syrup.

The Resident: The meat quite literally melted in the mouthThe meat quite literally melted in the mouth (Image: STK Steakhouse)


An hour into our experience and my friend and I were feeling a little tipsy from the booze – there was such a great ambiance, and we enjoyed admiring the other restaurant go-ers tucking into their dinners.


For our mains, we both had to have the fillet steak, paired with the famous mac'n'cheese and the truffle and parmesan French fries. Unsurprisingly, the steak didn't disappoint - STK steaks are among the best I have ever had. 

The meat quite literally melted in my mouth, and the creamy peppercorn sauce complimented it well– both me and my friend were so engrossed in our mains we barely spoke.

The Resident: STK Strand is a great place for a treatSTK Strand is a great place for a treat (Image: STK Steakhouse)


Our chosen side complemented the steaks well, but I must admit, we couldn’t finish even half of them because our stomachs were so full.

And if that wasn’t enough food, we decided to try the warm chocolate chip cookie for dessert.

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I must admit, STK isn’t a place you can really go on a budget, but the buzzy dining experience combined with excellent quality food is worth the splash in cash, and it’s a great place for a treat.

Towards the end of our visit, as my friend and I pondered on the divine food we just had, we felt so fortunate to have had such a wonderful experience, which wouldn’t have been as amazing as it was if it wasn’t for our waiter, Rui.

Address: 336-337 Strand, WC2R 1HA