Research Reveals the Most Vegan City in the UK

As Veganuary draws to a close, new research has revealed the top six cities for vegans in the UK. And guess which city leads the way?

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As society moves towards a more ‘woke’ state in terms of wellbeing and our impact on the environment, 2019 is set to be a big year for veganism. Almost half (42%) of the UK’s vegans made the change in the past 12 months, and Veganuary has reported a record number of sign-ups in January 2019.

So which parts of the UK are leading the way? Research by The Body Shop, exploring foodie hotspots, beauty trends, social media warriors and search trends, has revealed the top six UK cities for all things vegan. to uncover the top six UK cities for vegans.

And guess which city leads the way? That’s right, London! Well, at least in terms of searches for all things vegan online…

The number of Londoners searching for the word ‘vegan’ via Google have almost doubled since 2015 (up 178% according to a keyword search analysis using Google Keyword Planner), which puts London at the top when it comes to the biggest growth in ‘vegan’ searches.

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This, of course, could be attributed to the capital’s larger population and varied offering, but Google searches for ‘cruelty free beauty‘ have also increased by 100%, showing that Londoners are starting to step up their fight against animal testing.

Plus, The Body Shop sold 250,000 vegan products in three months last year, with most of them flying out the doors of their Oxford Street, Regent Street and Westfield Stratford stores.

But it’s Glasgow that’s shown the most love for vegan beauty over the past few years. Google searches for ‘vegan makeup’ have grown by 77% in Glasgow since November 2014. This puts them just above London (72% increase) and Sheffield (65% increase) when it comes the demand for vegan beauty, while Edinburgh and Brighton lag behind (29% and 6% respectively).

Google searches for ‘cruelty free beauty‘ have increased by 100% in London

Glaswegians also spend more on vegan products per person than any other city in the UK, buying a huge 237% more than those in London (according to The Body Shop sales data from 01 August 2018 to 31 October 2018).

Perhaps surprisingly, it’s Edinburgh that’s the hungriest city for vegan cuisine – a crown we felt certain would go to London, with the plethora of vegan restaurants popping up.

Residents and visitors to Edinburgh conducted 22 times more Google searches for ‘vegan restaurants’ in 2017 than in 2015, with a further 97% increase since. It’s fast taking the top spot for vegan takeaways, too, with an 88% increase in Google searches since November 2017.

Glasgow came second in the vegan takeaway league with a 52% increase in searches, while London chalked up just a 33% increase.

You might have expected Brighton, a well-known vegan hotspot, to feature more, but it seems coastal types prefer to take things offline. The seaside city offers the most vegan events (per 100,000 people), and has 96 vegan-friendly restaurants (according to a search on – that’s more places to dine per 100,000 residents than any other city on the list (perhaps why there’s no need to trawl the internet looking for them!).

And the rising vegan star? Sheffield. Famous for being the greenest city in the UK, the South Yorkshire hotspot could overthrow both London and Brighton as the top vegan city, with a surge in ‘vegan makeup’ Google searches and 800% more social media accounts talking about veganism than back in November 2017. This huge increase illustrates just how quickly the vegan community in Sheffield is expanding.

For more on the best vegan cities in the UK, visit The Body Shop Vegan Hub.


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