According to the staff at Blackheath Cooks, if you know how to make these 8 recipes – you can’t go wrong and you will always have friends who love you. How many of these can you tick off your list?

1 Roast dinner

Who doesn’t love a Sunday roast? Crispy potatoes, fresh seasonal veg and homemade gravy, this meal is a real family favourite and the sense of tradition this holds for most of us leaves us with a warm fuzzy feeling

2 Pancakes

After a lie in at the weekend, pancakes really hit the spot. Mixed up, flipped and on the plate before you know it. The only hard bit is working out what topping to have.

3 Curry 

Oh WHAT to do on a Friday night when you’ve got 10 friends coming over? Curry of course. You can’t go wrong. Friday night is curry night and homemade is always best.

4 Cake

One great cake recipe can be adapted for a birthday, or any other celebration or presented as a gift. Arrive anywhere with cake and you won’t be turned away.

5 The crowd-pleaser

Be it spaghetti bolognaise or homemade burgers, simple recipes like these, which are ready in minutes, are great for an informal dinner with friends or a quick and easy option for the kids. 

6 A dinner party dessert

There is a certain ‘wow’ factor about a really good dessert. You will be remembered for it, we promise.

7 Bread

The smell of homemade bread is the most welcoming thing in the world. You may not make it often, but when you do, it makes your home smell like heaven.

8 Leftovers

Frittata? Stir fry? There’s always something you can do with a few left-overs. Have a look in your fridge right now…

Blackheath Cooks is a small cookery school at The Standard in Blackheath for people of all ages and abilities. Classes are small and informal and everyone is made to feel really welcome by the friendly staff. It has a BYO policy, so go with friends and make an evening out of it (the cookery school also hosts private events). Classes include everything from breadmaking and sushi skills, to pasta making and Indian food. There are after-school classes for children during term time (for children between the ages of four and 17), plus Blackheath Cooks holds school holiday workshops, which are always incredibly popular.

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