East London Brewery Launches a Pub in a Box

An east London brewery is battling the coronavirus pub ban by launching a pub in a box that’s delivered straight to your door

With the government advising people to avoid gatherings and crowded places, such as pubs, clubs and theatres in light of the coronavirus outbreak – especially in London where the virus is spreading rapidly – small businesses are redrawing the battles lines in a bid for survival.

One in particular, Signature Brew – which runs the Blackhorse Beer Mile brewery bar, a Taproom in Haggerston and The Collab burger bar in Walthamstow – is fighting back by launching a Pub in a Box.

Signature Brew is the world’s number one brewery for band collaboration beers, having brewed with the likes of Idles, Mogwai, Alt-J and Frank Turner, and the new Pub in a Box launch is undoubtedly music to the ears of many frustrated Londoners, who are wondering whether they should go out or stay home.

The Pub in a Box contains the brewery’s core range of beers (you can order eight, 16 or 24 cans), snacks including nuts and pretzel pieces, two stem glasses, a Spotify playlist with a QR code, and a music quiz.

Can’t go to the pub? Let the pub come to you with Signature Brew’s Pub in a Box deliver service

‘Our Blackhorse Beer Mile brewery bar, our burger bar, The Collab, in Walthamstow and our Taproom in Haggerston have seen lots of support from locals over the past few weeks,’ said Signature Brew Co-Founder Sam McGregor.

‘We want beer lovers to continue to support their local venues and shops as best they can during an unusual time.

‘We’re chatting to our pub and venue stockists to support them in whatever ways we can, and we will be launching Click & Collect options from all of our venues across Hackney and Waltham Forest for anyone concerned about social distancing.

‘We think it’s best to remain calm, carry on with life, support local and to support artists however we can.’

And true to his word, McGregor and his Signature Brew team have also announced that the they are hiring musicians with cancelled tours to deliver the their beers.

‘We think it’s best to remain calm, carry on with life, support local and to support artists however we can’

Temporary delivery drivers are required to help drop off beer to local customers buying through the brewery’s home delivery service and, in line with their commitment to support live music, are asking musicians to join them.

‘We love music as much as we love beer and it’s heartbreaking to see so many tours being cancelled because of the corona virus,’ said McGregor.

‘For our drinkers who may be staying at home right now, we can’t think of anything better than receiving cold, brewery-fresh beers, hand-delivered by someone from a band we love.’

Signature Brew, launched in 2011 by Sam McGregor and Tom Bott, is on a mission to revolutionise the quality of beer at live music events.

Brewed in Walthamstow, enjoyed by beer lovers and music fans globally, Signature was crowned SIBA’s highly prestigious Brewery Business of the Year 2018, which enabled the small team to scale up and build the UK’s most state-of-the-art brewery for its size.

The new Walthamstow brewery and bar is set to be a killer venue for new launches and celebrations – once we’re all allowed to have fun again.

And on that, McGregor says: ‘We’re planning one hell of a piss–up in a brewery when all of this blows over.’

The Pub in A Box is available for delivery throughout the UK, priced £25-£60. If you’re eligible for local deliver, the team will be hand delivering from the east London brewery. Click here to orderFor tickets to the post-coronavirus Piss Up in a Brewery, priced £30 with free beer, click here