Meat-Free Drive Thru Pops Up in London with Discount for Cyclists

The UK’s first plant-based drive thru opens this weekend, meaning fast-food fans can go meat-free and still get a great burger

How many times have we been told that fast food is bad for us? Well, that’s not always the case, as the UK’s first plant-based drive thru – launching this week in London – aims to prove.

British meat-alternative brand Meatless Farm is launching the plant-based drive thru over August bank holiday weekend to show that fast food can be better for you, better for the planet and still taste incredible.

According to a report produced by Dr Joseph Poore, if everyone in the UK swapped just one more red meat meal to a plant-based meal per week, it could cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions by 8.4% – the equivalent of taking 16 million cars off the road.

That’s a great statistic, but one that does leave us scratching our heads over the decision to go for a drive-thru. But there is method behind the madness… Our choices are often driven (no pun intended) by convenience, and there’s nothing more convenient than a drive thru, right?

Taking over the American Car Wash in Shoreditch from Wednesday 26 August until bank holiday Monday (31 August), the six-day pop-up will also have a dedicated walk-thru lane for cyclists and pedestrians, and those who pull up in an electric car, or on a bike or e-scooter, will get 50% off.

But when it comes to food, it needs to taste great too. That’s where street-food maestro Mother Flipper comes in, collaborating with Meatless Farm to create meat-free dirty burgers that are packed full of flavour, texture and juicy brilliance.

The menu will feature Meatless Farm’s much talked about McBluffin, a plant-based take on the world’s favourite fast food breakfast, as well as the Mother Flipper x Meatless Farm Cheeseburger, The Greta (served with aubergine candy bacon) and sides like dirty fries with Meatless Farm mince chilli and vegan cheese sauce.

‘The only way to get the world eating more sustainably is to make delicious food’

‘We’ve been working hard over many years to perfect our original burger patty recipe,’ said Morten Toft-Bech, Founder of Meatless Farm.

‘Our unique blending process uses ingredients like pea protein alongside other plant-based goodness to create a remarkably meaty experience.

‘The only way to get the world eating more sustainably is to make delicious food. We hope that our M*** F*** drive thru is another step towards making plant-based a preference rather than an option.’

The Drive Thru is part of Meatless Farm’s recent controversial M*** F*** campaign, which encourages meat eaters to eat plant-based food more often.

All burgers will be served veggie as standard, with vegan versions also available.

Open 11am-3pm every day from 26-31 August at 35 Great Eastern Street, Hackney EC2A 3ER; @meatlessfarm


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