From doggies on planes to pooch packages at hotels and canine cafes, the hospitality industry is finally embracing our four-legged friends. But surely fine dining restaurants are the last bastions of a fido-free experience? Not any more. It seems cockapoos, too, have discerning palates… 

The award-winning M Victoria St has launched a new Six Legs Brunch Menu, where both you an your pup can enjoy a delicious two-course brunch.

Whilst they chow down on their four-legged feast of bacon and peanut butter cookies and dried chicken livers, you can tuck into the two-legged version – bacon and peanut butter waffles and sautéed chicken liver and steak salad. If our maths ain’t too shabby, altogether that comes to a Six Legs Brunch.

Executive chef Michael Reid will also be hosting a ‘cook for your dog masterclass’ on the first Saturday of each month.

Available at weekends from 11am until 4pm, the price for the entire Six Legs Brunch menu is just £35, £5 of which will be donated to a canine charity.

M Victoria St, 3 Zig Zag Building, 70 Victoria Street SW1E 6SQ;


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