New London Pop-Up to Serve Chips with Ice Cream & Boozy Floats

Chips and ice cream is totally a thing. Don’t believe us? Head to the new House of Ice Cream in central London to find out for yourself…

When I was a teenager, I used to joyfully dip my McDonalds French fries into a vanilla soft serve. It was thoroughly delicious. But whenever I recount this to my adult friends they look at me like I just kicked a cat. Turns out I was simply ahead of my time…

The savoury-sweet combo is nothing new, with bacon and maple syrup atop steaming waffles a brunch staple, and salted caramel chocolate sending people into umami raptures.

So I think we should all welcome Fuller’s Kitchen House of Ice Cream – which is encouraging us all to dunk fries in our ice cream and pair their soft serve goodness with fried chicken and hot sauce – with open arms.

The House of Ice Cream pop-up, which opens in Farringdon on National Ice Cream Day (Sunday 21 July 2019), will be serving up ice cream and fries, ice cream and fried chicken (hot sauce optional), boozy ice cream floats like tequila served with blood orange sorbet, pink gin and raspberry sorbet, and Bacardi and cola with coconut ice cream, as well as ice cream macaroons.

The ice cream, made from Laverstoke Park Farms’ Buffalo milk, is rich in calcium (more so than cow’s milk) and a good source of minerals like magnesium (good for aching muscles and digestion), potassium (helps improve heart health) and phosphorus (works with calcium to strengthen bones and teeth).

‘The ice cream, made from Laverstoke Park Farms’ Buffalo milk, is rich in calcium and a good source of minerals’

Vegans are covered with coconut and chocolate ice cream which, incidentally, is available at all Fuller’s Kitchen pubs.

There will also be a build your own station where you can top your serves with Oreos, Maltesers, gummy bears, marshmallows, popping candy, popcorn, smarties and party rings.

And the pièce de résistance? A DJ will be playing all your favourite old school garage and hip-hop tunes after work.

The House of Ice Cream opens on 17 July 2019 for two weeks. Find it next to The Conductor at 1 Fleet Place, Farringdon EC4M 7RA