Herne Hill mum Nicky Elliott, a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, started experimenting with sweet treats to reduce her kids’ sugar intake. After discovering she was gluten and dairy intolerant, she cranked things up a notch, and so, The Conscientious Cook was born…

It all began in Nicky Elliott’s Herne Hill kitchen. As a mum with two young sons, the Cordon Bleu-trained chef was keen to reduce her kids’ sugar intake. She started by experimenting with alternatives to the sweet stuff in her baking.

‘I then found out I was gluten and dairy intolerant, so I began recreating traditional recipes without using these allergens for a healthier twist,’ she says.

Coconut Blossom nectar, raw honey, date syrup and maple syrup quickly became her star ingredients, bringing sweetness while delivering valuable nutrients. And so The Conscientious Cook was born, a fabulous guilt-free range of made-to-order cakes, snacks and treats created with Elliott’s innovative recipes using the best ingredients in their most natural state.

‘We avoid all refined ingredients, especially sugar, replacing them with seasonal, organic food, ancient grains, raw and super foods that all have amazing and beneficial effects on the mind and body.

‘We don’t compromise on delicious flavours,’ Elliott assures. ‘We just make delicious treats in a way that is better for you.’

Nicky Elliot

As well as private clients – the majority of which are London-based – The Conscientious Cook also supplies some great local cafés, like F Mondays on Brixton Hill and Dalhousie in Crystal Palace.

The Conscientious Cook can also create bespoke menus for special occasions and has catered for a whole range of luxury brands including Jimmy Choo, Jurlique Skincare, the Liz Earle Beauty Co and Louis Vuitton.

Taster Boxes containing such sweet treats as Cashew Butter Cookies with Sea Salt, Multi Millionaire Cashew Bars, Cashew Butter Blondies and Beetroot & Date Syrup Brownies are among the bestsellers.

‘Everything in the selection – and our entire range – has a positive nutritional benefit, not empty-calorie quick fixes that actually deplete your energy resources and can be detrimental to overall health,’ says Elliott.

The Conscientious Cook employs the services of an overnight courier company to deliver nationwide – or delivers by bike to local customers.

We don’t compromise on delicious flavours. We just make delicious treats in a way that is better for you

Elliott has lived on the North Dulwich/Herne Hill border for eight years with her husband and two sons, now aged eight and 11.

‘They’re my chief tasters,’ Elliott says of her family. ‘Everything I cook has to get their approval before making the website.’ Having consumed an entire Taster Box ourselves, we’re pleased to report that the Elliott family is impeccably discerning.

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