It’s causing quite a storm in Tufnell Park, so what’s the story behind Bunny Little’s Bakery? And who is Bunny Little? Cortlyn Stovall feasts her eyes and senses when visiting the brains behind the bakery.

An inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through my nose as my eyes gorge on the rows of perfectly iced cupcakes that lay before me. A neon pink sign illuminates ‘Food is my Fashion’ on the back wall and two stylish ladies are glazing the finishing touches on cookies decorated like tennis balls.

Katy Taylor, the brains behind Bunny Little’s, opened the Tufnell Park bakery with her partner Anabel Fielding, the CEO of Quintessentially Events, just six short months ago. ‘We live in TufnellPark, so for us we just wanted to create something that the community could be proud of. We always sat in the pub across the street and thought there was a need around here for a place like this. There’s not really a place that if you’re working from home at lunchtime you can get a really good sandwich or a lovely brownie or a really decent cup of coffee. It was just sort of fate that we looked into this place and just went for it. I was at a crossroads in my career, and I craved a bit of a balance in life.’


Feast your senses when visiting Tufnell Park-based Bunny Little’s Bakery

Prior to becoming a chic chef, Katy was deeply involved in the fashion industry. She has had previous involvements with companies such as Grazia, GQ, MTV and Vogue and still currently serves as the head fashion stylist for Quintessentially Events. Katy also recently started contributing a Treat of the Week column for Miss Vogue featuring one of her very own decadent sweets each week. Despite her continuous contribution to the fashion industry, on most days you can find her in Bunny Little’s getting to know her customers. ‘It’s really important that I’m in this shop as much as I can be to get to know people. They need to know that you care about the shop.’

So how did a fashion fuelled writer find herself in an apron? ‘I was always a bit of a foodie, even as a fashion person. I really enjoy eating and socializing with my friends over cooking or making cocktails. Our philosophy is mixing fashion with food. We have your traditional breads and croissants, but we try and make it funkier and cooler. As a stylist, I see food and fashion in a similar way. You want your food to look nice. There are trends in food, and we try and pick up those trends.’ These trends have been everything from Wimbledon and Glastonbury themed treats to Team Nigella support cupcakes. ‘The nice thing about owning a place like this is you can have fun with it. You’ve got to have things that people can always get, but we can seasonally change things.’

As I stood drooling over the peanut butter brownies, I couldn’t help but wonder if it is possible to pick a favourite treat. ‘I have to say my favourite is the chocolate Guinness cake, but I’m also a really big fan of our cherry and chocolate cinnamon buns.’ Katy says the latter is a popular choice with a strong cup of coffee on Saturday afternoons for those who enjoyed themselves a little too late the night before.

When it comes to the future, this is only the beginning of Bunny Little, the adorable, trendy rabbit that is stamped across all of the bakery’s packaging. ‘She’s meant to be a foodie fashionista. So she loves her clothes and catwalk looks, but she also loves her breads and knows a good cups of coffee. We always thought it was a cute name for a family-oriented place.’ Remind you of anyone else? Katy has big plans for the future, including an expanded menu, Bunny Little themed parties and picnic baskets all complete with stylish flair. After finally sinking my teeth into a few of the delectable treats myself, I can safely say Katy Taylor and her bakery are exactly what TufnellPark – and beyond – needed.


Bunny Little’s Bakery has caused quite a stir in Tufnell Park

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