Pure Taste is a new Paleo (aka ‘caveman diet’)-friendly restaurant which recently opened its doors in Westbourne Grove after a successful Kickstarter campaign which raised £30,000. The Resident met with its founder Holly Redman to find out more

What are your primary aims as a restaurant?

To provide a exciting culinary experience for people with food intolerances or specialist diets that is just as just as enjoyable for their friends and family.

What response have you had since you opened?

When we opened our booking system the first night sold out in a few days, we now have over 400 people booked in for December and many eager Kickstarter backers are starting to book in for their reward meals. People seem genuinely excited about the prospect of eating somewhere different.

What made you want to do things this way? 

I’m coeliac and my husband is dairy intolerant so eating out is a bit of a nightmare for us. I wanted to create an eating experience that was about showcasing the best in free-from food.

What are your 2015 plans?

We’d like to grow our business in Notting Hill and branch out into a breakfast service and possibly delivery service. If all goes well, we will also start the hunt for venue number two.

 What are your top detox tips?

 Just eat real food and avoid things that come out of a packet!

115 Westbourne Grove, W2 4UP; puretasterestaurant.com

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