Hot on the heels of the trend for all things matcha, comes the latest trend from Japan, mochi. Mochis are currently taking the London restaurant scene by storm and we at The Resident can’t get enough of the little round Japanese dessert.

Made from glutinous rice and filled with ice cream or soft fondant, mochis are gluten-free, low-fat and low in sugar, and it’s not only us who love the dessert, Oprah Winfrey has declared a mochi to be her favourite too.

Nobu New York has been serving mochi secretly off-menu since 1998, and Nobu London soon followed suit, but up until now only those in the know have been able to try them. Now mochis are having a fully-fledged moment, featuring on Asian menus across London.

Here are our top five restaurants with mochi on the menu:

1 Feng Sushi, various including Fulham & Ravenscourt Park
Feng Sushi was where we discovered mochi and so this sushi delivery company’s chocolate mochis have to take the top mochi spot. The doughy chocolate balls come in portions of two and four, opt for four and don’t feel guilty when you eat them all.


Sumosan’s array of mochi, one for every day of the week

2 Ping Pong, various including Westbourne Grove
Yuzu and mango ice cream mochi feature on Ping Pong’s new summer menu, the tiny ball of deliciousness is a refreshing hit after indulging on the dim sum restaurant’s colourful yum cha menu.

3 Bo Lang, South Kensington
Smart South Kensington dim sum and teahouse Bo Lang has three amazing ice cream mochi flavours to choose from, black sesame, yuzu and green tea. Giles Coran has proclaimed the restaurant “the best dim sum in South Ken”, but we think it’s the mochis that you should go for.

4 Sumosan, South Kensington
Asian-fusion restaurant Sumosan, also in South Kensington, has the largest selection of mochi flavours in our round-up, so if it’s a sweet mochi you’re after there’s salted caramel, cocoa vanilla or hazelnut, and for something more zingy, choose green tea, yuzu or mango

5 Chisou, Chiswick, Mayfair and Knightsbridge
Japanese sushi restaurant Chisou has been serving mochi for quite some time and have perfected the art of the chewy, sweet orb. Its menu changes but the likes of vanilla, green tea, and chocolate all feature at times.

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