This November, Battersea restaurant London House is offering a limited edition menu of new dishes made from the finest ingredients in the area

It’s easy to understand why Gordon Ramsay‘s London House is loved by South West Londoners. Head Chef Anna Haugh‘s menu is an innovative and comforting offering of high-quality cooking. Now there’s another reason to pay attention to the Battersea Square restaurant.

In celebration of all things local, Haugh has created a new menu featuring produce from nearby businesses and producers. Yes, this is about reducing carbon footprint, but Haugh’s dishes will also showcase the finest ingredients from the suppliers she walks past en route to work everyday. The result? After sampling the Local Heroes menu, we can confirm it’s the ultimate in feel-good dining.

To start, there’s a choice of squid-ink spuds served with Exmoor Caviar – the UK’s only caviar farm – or Loch Muir salmon cured with gin from award-winning brand Gilpin’s based down the road at Battersea Park.

Two ‘High Street Main’ options follow. We highly recommend the cote de boeuf, sourced from Doves Butchers on Clapham’s Northcote Road. This tender and tasty cut is served with a crispy Cavolo Nero salad, shallot gravy and Haugh’s truly delicious millionaire fries – think of dauphonoise potatoes served as chips. Genius. 

For veggies and cheese lovers, the celeriac and Coolea fondue (an Irish cheese sourced from Clapham supplier Hamish Johnston) is the meat alternative. It might be retro, but the accompanying Poire Williams, ham, croutons and cauliflower florets are the perfect vessels needed to enjoy this melted gauda-like pot of heaven.

The mains are definitely on the filling side, but the ‘Desserts From Your Doorstep’ can’t be overlooked. Both choices – there’s a chocolate eclair or a brioche ice cream sandwich – are made with English honey from The Hive Company and they are as indulgent as they sound. The eclair is coated with a rich dark chocolate but the filling is creamy and light with a hint of lavender. The brioche sandwich has a sweet crunch thanks to a layer of honeycomb underneath the ice cream.

And on the drinks front? Battersea-based brewery Sambrook’s has paired each dish with one of its beers. From a citrus-flavoured pale ale with the salmon starter to a London stout served with the puddings, even wine connoisseurs will find it hard not to be impressed with how well matched the flavours are.

Beer or no beer, guests won’t leave feeling hungry. And there’s one thing everyone who eats here will definitely identify with – it’s amazing what you can find on your doorstep. 

The three course Food Heroes menu is £55 per person. The dishes can also be ordered individually at both lunchtime or dinner. 

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