Some people said that coffee would be out in 2015, that it’s all about tea, matcha and coconut water. They were wrong. In fact coffee is going to be bigger, better and more eccentric than ever this year, here’s why…

1 Still or sparking?
Fizzy coffee isn’t a totally new concept to London but this year we’re set to see it spring up in more coffee shops around town than before. Heralding from Italy, the home of coffee, fizzy coffee could involve simply adding sparkling water and sugar to a chilled espresso, but fancier coffee shops, like Kaffeine for example, serve their own variations. Cascara is a chilled drink, not dissimilar to a herbal iced tea, which Kaffeine serves in the summer months. Its baristas combine the dried berries of the coffee plant with a fruity reduction, chilli and cardamom, and despite its floral taste, it packs a serious caffeine punch.

2 Anything but milk milk
A soya latte used to be the go-to for vegans, vegetarians and health fantatics the world over. But now they’ve discovered the controversial issues surrounding the planting of soya, they’ve moved on to pastures new. Coconut anything is huge at the moment so it’s only natural for a coconut milk latte to be high on the order list of health bunnies, that and rice or almond milk, although almond milk is already a bit passé – those really in the know are moving on to the seeded variety if ‘milk’ ordering hemp milk lattes, as sold by Inspiral Lounge in Camden. Meanwhile, the really brave are ordering camelattes, served at Taylor Street Baristas, near Bank.


Fizzy coffee is going to be big this year

3 Bedtime coffee
There are some who boldly order an espresso – nay, a double espresso – at the end of dinner and may spend the rest of the night in a withdrawl-like shaking fit, but for me, it’s always got to be a decaf past about 3pm or there’s no chance of good night’s sleep. American company Counting Sheep has launched a new product that not only will let you sleep, but actually promises to help you sleep. Its decaffeinated coffee is blended with organic valerian root, a herbal sedative that helps you unwind. We’ve yet to discover a restaurant serving it but it is available from Amazon . 

4 Coffee cocktails
Espresso martinis and salted caramel were two of the foodie buzzwords last year, so it was only a matter of time before some clever soul put the two together. That person was the bar man at Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden where its salted caramel espresso martini is enjoying a run of glittering Instagram reviews from London’s top food critics and bloggers. Also providing London with some well-earned rocket fuel is Duck & Waffle with its Ristretto Negroni (gin, sweet vermouth, Amaro all slow dripped through coffee beans roasted for 24 hours), and Quaglino’s special cocktail for LFW the Tyra-misu Banks (Patron XO shaken with amaretto, mascarpone, sugar syrup and a shot of espresso), meanwhile at Putney’s The Toy Shop the Walnut Willy’s Wodka Martini (walnut-infused vodka, with a touch of hazelnut essence and cardamom-infused chocolate liquor shaken with a shot of espresso , orange zest and an Armagnac walnut) is making waves.


Quaglino’s has an impressive line up of coffee cocktails including its new Tyramisu Banks for LFW

5 Coffee and cheese
It’s an unlikely pairing but you’ll be surprised to hear just how well coffee and cheese go together – perhaps there’s a reason they both come at the end of a meal. Notes was the original champion of this trend and this year sees the coffee shop open up on three new London sites, so it must be doing something right. Cheese can counterbalance the coffees acidity and round out its sharper notes. If you’re not sure where to begin, head to one of Notes’ cheese and coffee tasting events.

6 Coffee subscriptions
There’s only one way to ensure you never run out of coffee at home and that’s to get it sent to you in fresh packages regularly. Pact, a company set up by Stephen Rapoport in his kitchen in Balham in 2012, sends sealed packets of exciting blends of coffee within 7 days of roasting it. Pact isn’t the only one putting coffee through letterboxes, Kopi offers three, six or 12 month subscriptions of its premium roasted coffee and there are plenty more getting in on the action.


Have coffee delivered to your door with Pact

7 Delivered coffee
Starbucks has announced that it will start delivering coffee, drinks and food in selected cities around the world this year, although it’s a little behind the competition, as Costa Coffee already does. But, where Starbucks goes, you can be sure others will follow.

8 Espresso Romano
Another emerging trend from the heart of espresso country – Italy – is Espresso Romano, put simply it’s espresso served with a slice of lemon. The sourness of the lemon enhances the citrus notes in the coffee particularly when the coffee has inherent citrus notes already. Coffee maker Lavazza suggests using its Lavazza Tierra blend served hot to ensure the lemon infuses in the espresso.


When in Rome… drink Espresso Romano

9 Bulletproof coffee
Although Bulletproof Coffee hit the headlines towards the end of last year you can be sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Paleo-friendly brew this year. The Marmite of the coffee world has split opinions; celebs love it. Blend coffee, butter and coconut oil together for a coffee that makes you feel fuller for longer and gives you a serious kick of energy. Coffee shops and restaurants around London are serving Bulletproof Coffee, to get your fix head to Crussh.