Fancy a Coffee? Hot Drinks Linked to Warm Personalities

Coffee has become increasingly important in the hospitality industry in recent years. Moving from a loss-leader to a crowdpleaser, more and more establishments are using speciality coffee as their main draw.

And why not? Coffee is hot stuff, both literally and metaphorically, with coffee trends such as latte art and rainbow coffees going viral. We’re seeing everything from £70 a cup Kopi Luwak, to camel milk and cannabis oil-infused brews.

But did you know that, as well as making tills ring hot, hot drinks can also make your personality seem warmer?

Recent research has shown that a person holding a hot beverage is more likely to judge another person as having a ‘warm’ personality. They’re even more likely to choose a gift for a friend instead of themselves.

Of course, a further implication of this is that a customer holding a good quality hot beverage is more likely to think favourably of the establishment in which they purchased it. Which further underlines the importance of delivering quality coffee consistently.


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But First, Coffee…

Good coffee could well bring in good customers, but how do you ensure your coffee is up to scratch? Consistency in coffee depends on a variety of factors, from the roast of the beans to the grind and the temperature of the water. The conditions in which the coffee has been grown, and the texture of the milk also factor in. Not to mention extraction time.

Buyers for coffee shops and restaurants have little control over growing conditions, but the use of the right equipment can help take care of the rest.

Commercial Coffee Machines

WMF Commercial Coffee Machines offers a range of professional coffee makers to suit any establishment. The German company, founded in Geislingen in the 1850s, has even pioneered an exciting new model, the FFC, which allows for the delivery of traditional filtered coffee and speciality brews through one machine, ensuring a quality beverage every time.

So, if you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of extra warmth and personality to your café or restaurant, take a look at your coffee and embrace the next big thing in hot drinks. A few small changes could bring big success.

WMF Commercial Coffee Machines


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