Celebrate Christmas with Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin & Vodka

Named after the eight different counties that are visible from the top of Ben Rinnes mountain in Scotland, Eight Lands Gin and Vodka, which launched just a few months ago, have already been decorated as two of the most delectable new spirits to enjoy this this season.

The super-premium white spirits are crafted using the finest Speyside spring water and 100% organic ingredients at the Glenrinnes Distillery, set at the foot of the Ben Rinnes.

Impress your guests during the Christmas festivities with two delicious, easy-to-make cocktails using Eight Lands. Not only are they the perfect serves for party season, they also make great Christmas gifts for gin and vodka loving friends and family.

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin, £39, is distilled in a beautiful alembic head pot still. Eleven botanicals give this London Dry gin its unique flavour, including sorrel and cowberries, which grow wild on the Glenrinnes Estate.

Made using both pot and column stills, this gin is pure and crisp with a delicacy to it that comes from the careful production process. This gin – winner of a Master award medal and two Gold medals at the 2019 Gin Masters Awards – is a product of time, know-how and the natural gifts of the land.

On the nose: Big juniper, backed up by fresh pine and citrus On the palate: Sweet juniper balanced with tart red berries and citrus On the finish: Hints of black tea and warm spice Print Raspberry Highball made with Eight Lands Organic Gin

This Raspberry Highball, made with Eight Lands Organic Gin, is a pleasant and refreshing twist on the classic gin and tonic. The tartness of the raspberry alongside the gin is a revelatory experience.


Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin 50ml
Raspberry liqueur 10ml
Top with Tonic Water
Raspberry and lemon wheel garnish

Simply stir the ingredients together and strain into glass over ice, then garnish with raspberry and lemon.

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka, £37, is as clear and pure as the Speyside spring water used to make it. The process involves organic barley and wheat, a two-stage fermentation process, and a combination of pot and column stills.

The method is unusual and time-consuming – Glenrinnes does exactly what it takes to create a vodka with genuine character. And its paid off – Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka won three Gold medals at the 2019 Vodka Masters Awards.

On the nose: Well-rounded marzipan and vanilla pods On the palate: You can taste the quality grain, leading into butterscotch and coconut On the finish: Long and smooth with a hint of spice on the palate Print Speyside Highball made with Eight Lands Organic Vodka

A simple vodka and tonic that is elevated by the slightly salty and sour notes of the sherry wine. Incredibly moreish and refreshing.


Eight Lands Organic Speyside Vodka 50ml
Amontillado sherry 10ml
Top with Tonic Water
Lemon slice garnish
Pour ingredients into glass over ice, stir and serve garnished with a lemon slice.

Where to find Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin and Vodka

This festive season, Eight Lands is partnering with Mayfair restaurant and bar Novikov, where Eight Lands Organic Gin and Vodka will be the house pour and will also be showcased at their Christmas Market, taking place from 28-30 November from 11am-9pm.

Novikov’s annual Yuletide extravaganza will take place in Mayfair Place W1, where visitors can peruse luxury Christmas gift ideas and enjoy festive food and drink.

Visitors will be able to buy a serve of Eight Lands’ award-winning vodka paired with Novikov Selected Caviar. Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin will also be available as part of a decadent ritual serve with organic raspberries and heather honey.   

Try Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin and Vodka at Novikov in Mayfair

Eight Lands can also be found at Milroy’s Of Soho and the new Spitalfields outlet, where Eight Lands Vodka features on the bar’s creative cocktail menu. In addition you can also find Eight Lands Gin and Vodka at Jones & Sons in Dalston and Natural Kitchen at Trinity Court and Angel Square with more bars and restaurants to be very announced soon.

Eight Lands Organic Speyside Gin and Vodka are available from masterofmalt.com, where you can also see behind the scenes at the Glenrinnes Distillery.

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