Beavertown turns 10 this year

Beavertown Celebrates 10th Birthday Bash at Tottenham Taproom

Everybody loves a milestone birthday, don't they?

Lead Photo: Beavertown

From starting off on a 650l kit in a Haggerston BBQ joint to producing 90,000,000 pints a year and two award winning brews, Beavertown Brewery has come along way in its 10 years of existence.  

To mark it's 10-year birthday, the brewery is hosting a birthday bash in its Tottenham taproom, which is gearing up to be the kind of do milestone birthdays are made of. 

Music, food and naturally beer all play a starring role in the shindig that takes place on Saturday, August 6 at the Mill Mead Road venue. 

Beavertown Brewery Taproom, Tottenham

Beavertown Brewery Taproom, Tottenham - Beavertown

Tickets are £55 a pop and this gets you unlimited drinks, a main dish, a goodie bag filled with merch, and entry into one of the two sessions for the day. 

Embracing morning drinking, the first session kicks off at 11am and runs to 4pm, and the second session runs from 6pm to 11pm. 

Food wise, it's either a dry aged burger with smoked back bacon or a vegan beetroot burger. Or, you can get stuck into a Big Boy Hot Dog as you make your way through the taproom's 26 lines of beer. 

Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham

Beavertown Brewery, Tottenham - Beavertown

This includes pub faves and thrice over International Beer Challenge medal winner brews Gamma Ray & Neck Oil.

Two limited edition birthday beers will be on offer as well, and undercovers seating is available if the weather turns. 

Tickets are £55 and available from 

Date: Saturday, August 6, 11am-4pm; 6pm-11pm

Address: Beavertown Brewery and Taproom, Lockwood Industrial Park, Mill Mead Road N17 9QP


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