Bar Review: Bottles, Spitalfields

You know how it is. Months of the sunny, single life throughout the summer, hanging out with your friends and generally getting up to no good. Then autumn hits and you start thinking, hmm, it might be fun to go on a date (it’s a concept known to Millennials as ‘cuffing season’, i believe).

Well, as we all know, getting a date these days, is not the hardest thing in the world. What’s much harder is deciding where to meet your new date. You don’t want a bar that’s too loud or too quiet and equally you don’t really want to book an expensive restaurant and run out of things to say before the starter arrives.

So what’s the solution? I think I have found the perfect place – Bottles, a new Italian wine bar in Spitalfields. The brainchild of wine experts Franco Mancini and Daniele Marano, it cleverly combines the fun intimacy of old fashioned wine bars with some seriously good food.

We visited on a Friday night and the place was packed with couples (both new and old) and friends who looked like they had just left work and had a lot to discuss – cuffing season, perhaps?

The main sharing table in the middle of the room lends itself to communal eating and drinking and the lighting is just right (not too bright; not too dim).

As you’d expect, the wine list is pretty impressive with daily recommendations on the board. The buzzy staff are very knowledgeable too and it’s well worth asking them for their recommendations.

There’s no pressure to dine, though you’d be mad not to – the SOOD Family has managed to crack an Italian tapas-style menu

There’s no pressure to dine, though you’d be mad not to – the SOOD Family, which is behind the concept, has managed to crack an Italian tapas-style menu.

Choose from sharing plates of tangy cheeses and very impressive chacuterie boards as well as great sharing dishes like beef carpaccio with cucumber and crispy fennel, moreish fried oysters and the best spaghetti bolognese I have ever tasted in London.

So far, so good, but what makes it a great place for a date?

The sheer buzz of the place; it’s fun and infectious and if your date’s a hit you’ll be able to easily hang out here all night sharing great food and wine. If not, well, you can always flirt with the waiters…

Bottles Wine Bar; 67 Brushfield Street E1 6AA;


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