Since Burger & Lobster launched in 2011, shortly followed by Mark Hix’s Tramshed, with a no-fuss menu of chicken and steak, Londoners seem to have enjoyed having the weight of indecision lifted from their heavily burdened shoulders. But now there’s even less room for hesitation, because the single-dish restaurant is having a moment. Here’s our top 10 in London…

1 Cereal Killer Cafe, various locations
Everyone has an opinion on the Cereal Killer Cafe. Love it or hate it, this breakfast stop has become so popular that there are now three different London locations. They serve cereals from all over the globe with a choice of milk (semi-skimmed, almond, salted caramel…) and toppings, as well as cereal milkshakes. Hipster cereal fans and tourists love it, as do their social media feeds.

2 Hip Chips, Soho
Taking crisps to a whole new level, hip chips fries up a variety of heritage potatoes and serve them with some of their inventive side sauces. This menu is seasonal so its always changing. But if you visit during the spring, try the pink apple crisps served with smoky cheese fondue.
49 Old Compton Street, Soho W1D 6HL; hipchips.com

3 Burger & Lobster, various locations
Okay, so you get to choose between burger and lobster here, but these guys were essentially the brains behind the whole limited-choice dining concept. In fact, there are actually three choices on the menu here – burger, lobster roll or a whole messy lobster (bibs provided).

4 Egg Break, Notting Hill
The name says it all. At egg break they are all about making an array of breakfast meals featuring eggs. But the frying, scrambling and poaching doesn’t stop at noon. You can get an egg-based meal all day long at this popular Notting Hill cafe.
30 Uxbridge Street, Notting Hill W8 7TA; eggbreak.com

5 Bubbledogs, Fitzrovia
Bubbledogs is all about hot dogs. And champagne. There are decisions to be made, however, as they top the sausages with anything you ask for and serve it up with full glasses of bubbly. For the month of March they are even offering a special International Women’s Day Dog with spicy mustard, relish and fresh coriander.
70 Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia W1T 4QG; bubbledogs.co.uk

6 The Melt Room, Soho
For feel-good gooey eats visit The Melt Room. They make a bunch of different melted sandwiches, perfect for all the grilled cheese fans out there. You can enjoy a classic cheesy sandwich or spice it up with BBQ chicken.
26 Noel Street, Soho W1F 8GY; meltroom.com

7 The Cheese Bar, Camden 
Opening on 23 March 2017, the hugely anticipated Cheese Bar is a new permanent restaurant by the people behind The Cheese Truck. Since starting out in 2014 with a market stall on Maltby Street Market, they’ve become hugely popular with cheese toastie-loving Londoners.
North Yard, Camden Market, Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AP; thecheesetruck.co.uk

8 Le Relais de Venice, various locations 
Le Relais de Venice claims to serve ‘the best steak frites in town’. They don’t even have a menu. Simply tell your waitress how you would like your steak cooked. After a starter of green salad with tangy mustard vinaigrette and crushed walnuts, you’ll be presented with your steak. There are decisions to be made, however, there are plenty of wine to choose from.

9 Balls & Company, Soho
Balls aren’t really a category of food, per se but at Balls and Company the entire menu is full of different meats, cheeses and veggies all rolled up. Pork, chicken, quinoa, carrot, bechamel, pesto and more. They even have a menu full of dessert balls ranging from doughnuts to brownies.
58 Greek Street, Soho W1D 3DY; ballsandcompany.london

10 Beanz Meanz Heinz, Marylebone
This baked bean pop-up will be open in Selfridges Food Hall for just four weeks from 27 March until 23 April 2017. During that time it will be offering tons of beans based foods in honor of the 50th anniversary of the campaign ‘Beanz Meanz Heinz’. The menu at the pop-up will include choices like ‘Beanz with crispy bacon’ or ‘Beanz with scrambled eggs’.
400 Oxford Street W1C 1JS; selfridges.com 


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