CEOs and influencers alike are becoming Global Nomads and running their businesses from around the world. Platinum Resident meets four of London’s wanderlust wonders…

The term ‘Global Nomad’ has been used for the past five years to describe those people who are living a mobile and international lifestyle. Whilst Global Nomads in their truest sense aim to live location-independently, the new breed of nomads are using the opportunity to work remotely around the world while also successfully running their businesses from their home bases.

The trend began a decade ago when digital pioneers realised that smart technology such as instant messaging and video conferencing could give them the freedom to work from just about anywhere in the world. Coupled with this, came the added benefit of being able to travel and explore the world whilst working from anywhere with a decent wi-fi connection.

While the pioneers of this movement were often digital geeks, today’s Global Nomads are just as likely to be CEOs and influencers, happy to travel to compete on a worldwide stage, whilst still being able to work effectively from almost anywhere in the world. We spoke to four ‘world citizens’ running hugely different businesses about their challenges of constant travel and working remotely. Their experiences are both illuminating and insightful.

Kally Ellis

Kally Ellis is Managing Director of  luxury florists McQueens. She is based in East London

Vanity Fair magazine is one of my key clients and we do the flowers for all of their events so I travel a lot, mostly to the States. The events are very high profile, and we kick off every year with the Post-Oscars Vanity Fair party in LA, move on to Washington and Cannes in the spring and then San Francisco in the winter.

I always travel with a good book because if you get stuck somewhere with an unexpected delay, a book is the perfect antidote. It slips in your hand luggage easily, doesn’t need any batteries and it will keep you entertained for ages. I’m also a firm believer in packing a capsule wardrobe. Smaller bags make moving around less stressful, and if you really need something you don’t have, you can normally buy it on your travels.

The first question I ask when I arrive at a hotel is ‘what’s the wi-fi code please?’

The first question I ask when I arrive at a hotel is ‘what’s the wi-fi code please?’. My iPhone is essential for keeping on top of emails and for watching catch-up TV. I also take my laptop with me when I travel so that I can respond to important work matters.

I love shopping when I’m abroad for work. I like French fashion brands like Agnes B and in the US I shop for more unusual homewares. I’m a big fan of Jonathan Adler and I also like to bring art back with me from wherever I go – we recently bought a beautiful pen and ink drawing in Paris, and I’ve brought lots of art back from Italy, too. I like the way that art has its own intrinsic beauty, but also brings back happy memories of your travels.

I have never kept diaries or journals, but I wish I had so I could look back and remind myself of some wonderful trips I’ve made both for work and pleasure. If you keep a travel journal in years to come you’ll have a wealth of memories.

Eric Lanlard

Eric Lanlard is a master baker, TV personality and owner of Cake-Boy patisserie in Battersea. He lives in London

I travel for both work and pleasure and it takes me to some extraordinary places. My followers on social media think I never stay still. If I’m working I try to combine destinations. So for example, if I am working in Dubai, I will tag on baking classes in Qatar and Kuwait. I am a food ambassador for P&O Cruises and Starwood Hotels, which involves a fair amount of travel where I’m hopping from one destination to the next. When I’m abroad I take the time to discover some off-the-beaten track eateries and experiences that the locals love.

If you’re working abroad you should fly business or first class. I am in full baking action a few hours after having landed in the country I’m visiting so flying in comfort always helps. It’s the same with hotels. No matter how organised I am, I always overpack but as I am getting older my wardrobe is getting simpler which makes packing easier. I try to take note on my return of what I wore and used and repeat the same for the next trip.

I like staying in touch and don’t understand people who like to switch off completely so I always travel with my Macbook air and iPhone 7+. The phone is my saviour and it’s so good for being on the go. I read my emails on it, take photos, listen to my music, use Uber and Road Map, and of course do all my social media with it.

Choosing where you stay when you’re working abroad is crucial. Do your homework before booking your trips and don’t stay too long in one destination. You can always come back for more if you really like it. And never stay anywhere that is not as nice as your own home.

I really used to really enjoy shopping when I travelled but unfortunately the world is becoming uniform and every shopping mall is the same, carrying the same brands in London, New York and Dubai. I remember queuing outside Abercrombie & Fitch in New York armed with a long shopping list from friends but now you can simply go to their London shop.

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Nga Nguyen

Nga Nguyen works for LVMH and is an active patron of The Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) and a member of The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). She divides her time between Paris, where she is studying, London and Vietnam, and has over 25 thousand followers on Instagram 

A year is divided by four seasons and I often aim to visit at least 2 to 3 countries each season to make the most of the weather and the social events that are happening during that particular season.

Travel is a mind-expanding experience, which is essential to recharge your soul and help you maintain a great work-life balance.

Travel is a mind-expanding experience, which is essential to recharge your soul and help you maintain a great work-life balance

You learn to be more adaptable and even better in conversation when you meet new people. Be open-minded to endless possibilities, don’t limit yourself and say yes to everything!

I always use a travel agent to plan my frequent trips. I am a big fan of Virtuoso because they will organise a trip for me regardless of how short notice it is, the destination or budget I have. Quintessentially Travel is one of Virtuoso’s preferred agents and I have used them now for two years. They’re fantastic and really fast. They are also there for me when I am away from home.

Japan is the best country I have ever visited and the perfect place to update my Instagram feed. The food, the culture, the people and the different rhythms of different cities make it top of the list for me.

Nikhil Nanayan

Nikhil Nanayan is CEO of Digital Horizons, a company that creates technology products for companies around the world. He is based in Bangalore

I travel regularly for about half the year to explore new opportunities for our company. The more we get to know the countries and cities where our skills are needed the better is our understanding of the technology solutions we need to offer our customers.

The travel I do is supplemented with a lot of online research, reading and work before and after each visit. The online and mobile technologies, content and services we have available today in the world make travel more efficient, effective and richer than was possible a decade ago.

I have the best of home and a travelling lifestyle because I can catch up with my family anywhere in the world by email and Skype. This helps me share my experiences with them and hopefully encourage them to travel too when they have opportunities. With all the connectivity now in the world sometimes I don’t feel like I am away from home. There are times when I have been online on Skype video for a whole day with my family on the other side, each of us doing our own thing but keeping the camera on and having a conversation as we do our work and have a meal together.

The world is so vast and diverse that every waking moment of travel is a pleasure. You should visit to experience and live life the way the locals do, meet and imbibe cultures and learn the best that each civilisation has to offer. There are hundreds of cultures and places to visit – too many sadly for a short lifespan.

London is my favourite city in the world because it’s in the middle of India (where I live) and the US, which is our largest and most exciting market. London is one of the best places on the planet as it is host to so many nationalities, with excellent travel connections and it is open and welcoming to everyone.

Nikhil Nanayan

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