We’re all guilty of slumping and slouching at our desks, and spending all day in front of a computer does nothing for a good posture. But there are simple steps we can take to fixing a bad posture and getting a straighter back, here Fulham Osteopaths takes us through its expert tips


1 For good posture in the office it is essential that your keyboard position is correct. Relax your shoulders; bend your elbows to 90 degrees. Where your hands are is where your keyboard should be. Adjust your chair, so your shoulders and arms can remain in this relaxed position whilst you type.

2 Equally important is the height of your monitor. If you touch type, the top edge of the screen should be at eye level, so that you can sit with a nice tall back without slouching. If you “two finger type” the monitor can be slightly lower. If your monitor is too low, as a temporary measure you could use a ream or two of paper to raise the height.

3 Take a moment to adjust the backrest of your chair so you feel well supported.


4 If you are not so tall and your feet do not touch the floor use a footrest.


5 Everyone should sit with both feet on the ground rather than with the legs crossed as this can strain the back.


6 Once your keyboard, monitor, and chair are in the right position, close your eyes, breathe, and think about your back “ growing tall”.


7 If you spend long periods of the day on the phone, think about using a headset to avoid neck tension.


8  Being still for long periods of time is no good for the body as we are designed to move. One benefit of drinking plenty of water means that you have to get up and go to the loo. When you come back to your desk shrug your shoulders and do a few “ back stroke” movements to release and open the front of your chest. This will help you to avoid a slouchy posture.

Melinda Cotton Consultant Osteopath

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