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The Pure Package is a high-end meal delivery service offering diet meals and nutritionally balanced meals for busy people

7 Healthy Meal Delivery Companies that Make Dieting Easy

Dieting can be tough, with seemingly endless calorie counting, tiny portions and Sundays spent batch-making soup… But there is another way! For three square meals a day, plus snacks, while effortlessly watching your weight, take a look at these brilliant options

Ad Feature How to Ensure Your Car is in Top Condition

For your vehicle to be road worthy, it has to adhere to certain performance and safety guidelines. If you’re wondering what measures you should take to make your vehicle safe enough, Jet Wheel Tyre offers the following advice… Tyre care An obvious statement, sure, but your tyres are a major factor in how your car […]

Home delivery services to help you keep your sanity during self isolation

Books, Beer & Bog Roll: Home Delivery Services to Save Your Sanity

Netflix will only get us so far during these unprecedented times of lockdown and loo roll shortages. So The Resident has picked out a few home delivery services to help save your sanity when stuck at home, from books to beer and even seasonal interior design drop offs. Let the world come to you…

Footman & Butler Luxury Property Management, London

Ad Feature What it Takes to Run a Bespoke Property Management Company

London-based bespoke property management company Footman & Butler has reinvented the concept of the butler, and the footman, for the modern world

Sell jewellery at auction with Bellmans, one of the largest auction houses in the south of England

Ad Feature Sell Your Jewellery with Bellmans Auctioneers

Have you discovered any treasures hidden in your jewellery box during a lockdown tidy? If so, specialists at Bellmans Auctioneers are ready to help you value and sell your jewellery

Coral jewellery: Is it bad to wear coral? Why is coral so expensive and hard to find?

Ad Feature The Legendary Properties of Coral & Why You Should Buy Vintage

The Tibetans believed it was a healing stone, the ancient Chinese viewed it as a symbol of longevity and the Victorians were convinced that it warded off evil spirits. But why is coral so very precious?

What's open now? The website that tells you if your local shops and restaurants are open and COVID-secure

What’s Open Now? The Website that Helps You Navigate the New Normal

Struggling to navigate the new normal? Not sure when your local will reopen? Wondering whether to take your face mask or not? A new website has just launched to help you figure it all out

Butler services in London: Footman & Butler is a luxury property management service that goes the extra mile

Ad Feature Footman & Butler: The Property Management Service that Will Run You a Bath or Build an Extension

It’s been a long, hard day, and all you want to do is get home, sink into a hot bath and climb into bed. If only you could have a 21st century butler. Well as it happens, you can…

Lockdown Loos: Find your nearest public toilet when out and about during lockdown

Lockdown Loos: The Website We’ve All Been Waiting For

Getting out and about again has been great, but for many of us, the distance we can travel from home relies on one thing – access to a loo. Fortunately, this brilliant new website charts London’s open toilets!

Hand sanitiser: What strength should sanitizer be to beat COVID?

Ad Feature Hand Sanitiser: Is Yours Strong Enough to Kill off COVID?

With shops reopening, people are cautiously starting to step out onto the streets once again. Of course, there are two things we shouldn’t be leaving home without for the foreseeable – face masks and hand sanitiser. But is your hand sanitiser good enough?