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Treatment Review: Leave Notting Hill’s Cloud Twelve Spa Fresh Faced & Relaxed

In a quiet residential cul-de-sac near Ottelenghi in Notting Hill, Cloud Twelve spa offers relaxation and time out from the day, even if you bring your kids… Photo: Cloud Twelve The best part about a facial is not just the slow nod off into a gentle doze as someone pitter-patters their fingers across your face, […]

Dental implants in London: Dental Art Implant Clinics has clinics in East Finchley and Balham

Ad Feature 4 Misconceptions About Dental Implant Treatment

Dental implants are growing in popularity as an alternative for tooth replacement. However, there are several misconceptions surrounding them, so The Resident asked the experts at London’s Dental Art Implant Clinic for the truth behind the misconceptions

Lens replacement surgery - everything you need to know

Ad Feature What is Lens Replacement Surgery and How can it Help Improve your Vision?

Everything you need to know about lens replacement surgery, how it can help correct your eyesight problems and provide a permanent solution to cataracts.

Woman seeking treatment for thread veins

Ad Feature What Are Thread Veins and What Are the Best Treatments?

The presence of thread veins can cause great distress, but achieving good results with effective treatments takes experience, explains leading vascular surgeon Michael Gaunt.

Non surgical facelifts in London: Vie Aesthetics is an award-winning Harley Street clinic

Ad Feature What are non-surgical facelifts and are they right for me?

Thanks to the latest advancements in cosmetic medicines, it’s now possible to reverse the ageing process and achieve a more youthful appearance without the risks associated with surgical facelifts

Ayurvedic fertility treatment in London: Asish Veda specialises in natural fertility treatments

Ad Feature What are Natural Fertility Treatments & Do they Work?

If you’re trying to get pregnant but have been unsuccessful, you might want to consider holistic fertility treatments. Ayurvedic treatments look at the body as a whole, including physical, emotional and nutritional health

Spin classes at home by London spin studios including Boom Cycle and 1Rebel

London’s Best at-Home Spin Classes

Home workouts have become de rigueur during lockdown. But if you’re looking for something more high-octane than yet another yoga video, then try one of these brilliant at-home spin classes from some of London’s best spin studios

Apex Ride spin bikes are cheaper than Peleton, look stylish in the home and come with online classes

6 of the Best Pieces of Home Workout Equipment

As lockdown drags on and the gym seems further from reach than ever, it’s time to commit to your home workout regime with some of the best home workout equipment out there, from spin bikes to rowing machines and balance boards

The health benefits of dark chocolate

Could Hot Chocolate Be the Key to Health & Happiness?

Did you know that a mug of bespoke hot chocolate can help keep the doctor away and depression at bay? Yep, all your mind, body and soul need are a bag of cocoa beads and an automatic whisk

The hottest 'tweakments' for 2021 by Vie Aesthetics, including Morpheus8 skin remodelling

Ad Feature 2021’s Top ‘Tweakments’ for Face, Body & Hair

Whether you wish to get back in shape, look fresher faced or even grow new hair, the medical team at Vie Aesthetics, with clinics in London’s Harley Street and Essex, has you covered.