We’re a nation of pet lovers and dogs are wonderful creatures. Man’s best friend, they say. They’re great company, they get you outdoors and they help you meet people. They’re also great for those who suffer with depression.

But dogs like to be around people as much as we like to be around them – they are, after all, pack animals. So what do you do if you work long hours, or live in a small London flat? All is not lost. Some breeds are better suited to city life than others. Take our quiz to discover which of these popular London breeds best suits your lifestyle…

Still want that high-maintenance dog but need to be in the office? Fortunately there are plenty of services out there that can help. We put together this quiz with the help of Tracy Gerber, who founded Posh Paws on Tour two years ago, having worked for a dog-walking company for years.

Tracy, who owns a smart little Jack Russell called Russell (a helpful character who puts naughty pups in their place and is a good influence on the dogs in Tracy’s care), takes her charges out to play for an hour and a half, rather than the standard dog-walker time slot of one hour. She also spends time engaging with her dogs, making sure they are stimulated through play and frequent changes of scenery. She also matches dogs who she knows will get along so that everybody gets the best out of their walkies.

Posh Paws on Tour operates mostly in west London, with clients in Acton, Ealing, Chiswick, Hammersmith and Kensington. For further information, call 07960 865 457 or see poshpawsontour.co.uk 

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