Nothing goes together better than tea and sweets. At least that was the idea behind The Fowndry’s chocolate teapot…

Perfect for all of the chocoholics out there, the teapot is made out of 600 grams of delicious Belgian chocolate. Rich and decadent, it makes a great gift for any candy lovers in your life. Or of course, you can indulge in it yourself.

You can eat it piece by piece or you can add hot chocolate for the ultimate cup of cocoa. Share with friends by adding water to make a melted fondue treat. Perfect for dipping other sweet snacks into.

The chocolate teapot is even gluten free, so everyone can enjoy it. And it has a shelf life of 18 months so you can eat the treat at your own leisure.

All you have to do is order your teapot online and you can enter into a blissful chocolate induced sugar coma for the rest of February.



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