Easter eggs have become an art form – artsy, decadent, full of truffles and robots… In one glorious afternoon, The Resident team tried and tested 15 of London’s best Easter eggs. Check out the results…

1 Sarah Barber’s Handcrafted Easter Egg, The Café
This milk chocolate Easter egg is almost too elaborate to eat, but we did. The chocolate shell was just thick enough, and coated in decorative bits of chocolate that not only look astounding but taste astounding. Then, inside, the salted caramels are beautifully gold and coated—we think—in chocolate pop rocks, which shimmer off the sides of the egg when it’s cracked open. This egg won our heart because it was daring and exciting–and each layer got better. Sadly, it’s only available from Friday 18-Monday 28 March.
Buy from: hotelcaferoyal.com
Rating: 10/10

This Easter egg is as thrilling as it looks

This Easter egg is as thrilling as it looks

2 Benjamin Chocolatier’s Bronze Egg
Benjamin Chocolatier is known for high quality products and this egg, made with 40% Ghanaian milk chocolate, lives up to the reputation. We’d been advised to look for notes of malt, hazelnut, honey and caramel. This chocolate was one of the most interesting, each bite bringing a new revelation, a new sweetness, a hint of something else– particularly the caramel–making this one of the most unique chocolates around in terms of quality and taste. There was simply nothing else like it, and though we love our eggs that come with truffles, this one didn’t need the extra flair. Simply brilliant.
Buy from: benjaminchocolatier.co.uk 
Rating: 9/10

The Bronze Egg is complex and decadent, worth every bite

The Bronze Egg is complex and decadent, worth every bite

3 William Curley’s Chocolate Easter Egg with Flowers
William Curley’s Chocolate Easter Egg with Flowers is filled with sea salt caramels. It can be difficult to pinpoint what makes a chocolate sublime, but for William Curley, I’d call it balance. The milk chocolate shell, with a lovely bronze sheen, has just the right richness countered with creaminess, the right about of cocoa sweetened just enough, so that the overall taste experience is a reward. Then, the salted caramels inside were covered in a thin shell of dark chocolate so dark it was almost black. 
Buy from: williamcurley.com
Rating: 9/10

4 Heston’s Golden Egg
This luxurious egg is dusted with edible gold, giving it a rich sheen. And inside the satisfyingly thick shell, there are mini-eggs with a mandarin ganache. The presentation is fantastic, since there is edible hay and pigeon eggs praline truffles nestled inside. Reviewers noted a pleasant undertone of orange flavour, particularly in the truffles. 
Buy from: waitrose.com
Rating: 8/10


With edible hay and little truffles, the Heston’s egg was lovely

 5 Harrods Cocoa Dusted Almond Easter Egg
This exquisite egg has two shells, the first dusted generously with cocoa and the second with a golden sheen. Both layers are a true Belgian chocolate, light and creamy, a nice contrast to the cocoa. But the best part: inside are Harrods cocoa dusted almond truffles which are much richer, each one a perfect bite. We recommend this egg for almond lovers.
Buy from: harrods.com
Rating: 8/10


Harrods Cocoa Dusted almonds hide inside this Easter Egg- Best Filling

Harrods Cocoa Dusted almonds hide inside this Easter Egg

6 Betty’s Egg
Betty’s Easter collection is beautifully decorated and generous. We tried their milk chocolate and orange egg, a large, thin-shelled egg decorated with chocolate fern-like swirls. Like everything Betty’s sells, this egg was delicious. It was delicate in both shape and flavour, with a strong kick of orange. 
Buy from: bettys.co.uk
Rating: 8/10

Chocolate orange, fruity, Easter, food

Betty’s egg is the perfect blend of citrous and chocolate

7 Marks & Spencer Gold & Velvet Sculptured Egg
This egg, served in halves, is uniquely and beautifully presented. Though it’s halved, it feels complete in its design. The dusting of cocoa makes this egg even more sumptuous and inside, one can find a beautiful little golden egg truffles that are just as decadent as the slim shell is delicate. 
Buy from: marksandspencer.com 
Rating: 8/10

Golden truffles hide inside this spectacular egg

Golden truffles hide inside this spectacular egg

8 Artisan du Chocolat’s Balloon Egg
Artisan du Chocolat has a perfectly whimsical Easter egg- the Balloon Egg. It’s shaped like a balloon and comes either as passion fruit white chocolate marbled with milk chocolate or raspberry white chocolate marbled with Colombian dark chocolate, with sweet lace edible strings. The presentation is phenomenal. We tried the milk chocolate egg, and loved the hints of passion fruit and the overall aesthetic. This egg is recommended particularly for young children and the young-at-heart. 
Buy from: artisanduchocolat.com
Rating: 7/10

chocolate, artisan, food, Easter

Artisan du Chocolat’s balloon eggs are ‘flying’ off the shelves (sorry)

9 Marc Patiserrie Chocolate Egg
Marc Patisserie’s contribution was made of Venezuelan dark chocolate and dotted with gold leaf. Reviewers loved that hint of glitter, which contrasts nicely with the smooth sheen of the dark chocolate. There are pigeon egg truffles inside, with hard shells that break with a satisfying crunch, giving way to a creamy center. (The truffles in our egg were hazelnut and salted caramel.) The presentation was elegant and the chocolate was rich enough to match. Though sweet, the cocoa remained powerful. As a bonus, three of Marc Patisserie’s Easter eggs are hiding golden tickets which grant the winner a 40kg dark chocolate Easter egg completely coated in 24ct gold.
Buy from: marcpatisserie.com
Rating: 7/10

Reviewers enjoyed the gold leaf and the beautiful array of truffles inside

Reviewers enjoyed the gold leaf and the beautiful array of truffles inside

10 Chococo’s Studded Egg
Chococo’s adorable Easter eggs are perfect for kids—slightly smaller than some of the others—and best: they come with prizes inside. The Venezuelan origin milk chocolate egg comes stuffed inside with chocolate dinosaurs, butterflies, or robots. The egg we tried was lovely: creamy with a nice, swirled shell and, as promised, a dinosaur inside. We recommend this egg particularly for children because of the little gifts studded on the inside.
Buy from: chococo.co.uk 
Rating: 7/10

chocolate, fun, kids, Easter

Chococo’s studded eggs are perfect treats for kids

11 The Chocolate Society Monochromatic Egg
These are modern and sleek, looking almost like the surface of the moon. They’re rough but well-made, 62% Valrhona dark chocolate. Some of us found this artistic egg a little too much, but the true dark chocolate lovers among us loved it best. It was most definitely the richest dark chocolate we tasted, so we recommend it to art lovers and those who like a serious rather than sugary chocolate. 
Buy from: selfridges.com 
Rating: 7/10

dark chocolate, gourmet, serious, Easter

This egg pushes the boundaries of what we thought we knew about Easter eggs

12 Fortnum & Mason’s Crème de la Cream Egg
These chicken egg-sized eggs are almost too cute to eat. Hand painted with swirls of abstract colour, they come in boxes of four and each one is splendidly unique. There are milk chocolate and dark chocolate with soft, fruity centres, such as strawberry and champagne (which one of our reviewers especially loved). 
Buy from: fortnumandmason.com
Rating: 7/10

artistic, Easter eggs, Easter, holiday, chocolate

These tiny, hand-painted eggs are a perfect Spring snack

13 Carluccio’s Gianduja Eggs
These eggs come in boxes of four, milk and dark chocolate, hand filled with gianduja and topped in a sweet white chocolate made to look like an egg white and yolk. They’re adorable, and the hazelnut is immediately surprising and pleasing. Some tasters thought the shells were almost too thick. These little eggs are solid, and pack a real punch.
Buy from: carluccios.com
Rating: 6/10

Carluccio's Gianduja Eggs are adorable and delightful

Carluccio’s Gianduja Eggs are adorable and delightful

14 PAUL’S Oeuf Fleur Chocolat au Lait
PAUL’s Patisserie has their traditional Easter egg, cheerily decorated with bright white flowers. Though some found this egg too sweet, overall we found that PAUL’s flowered egg is the essence of Easter chocolate: sweet, creamy and classic. Because it’s a lighter chocolate, we recommend it especially for children.
Buy from: paul-uk.com 
Rating: 6/10

Easter eggs, chocolate, flowers, gourmet

The milk chocolate decorated with white chocolate was as delicious as it looks

15 Hotel Chocolat’s Egg Sandwich
Hotel Chocolat has a creative take on the Easter egg—the egg sandwich. It comes in milk, dark or white chocolate, or caramel and has a chocolate mock-fried egg. It’s such a cute, quirky idea and it’s quite elaborate—the ‘bread’ even looks like bread. The chocolate was subtle, not overwhelming. The white chocolate egg sandwich deserves a special mention, since it got the most rave reviews. We recommend this egg for children because of the fun presentation and the manageable size. 
Buy from: hotelchocolat.com 
Rating: 5/10

Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat’s delicious chocolate ‘breakfast’ spread

16 Guinness Luxury Egg
By Guinness and Lir Chocolates, this Luxury Easter egg is not playing around. It’s a serious undertaking, dark chocolate accompanied by dark chocolate and white chocolate Guinness flavoured truffles. The egg itself is a nice, thick shell of dark chocolate and the truffles tasted quite strongly of Guinness. One taster described them as ‘boozy’. For some, the truffles were too strong. But those who like Guinness will like this more grown up take on an Easter egg. 
Buy from: selfridges.com 
Rating: 4/10

Guinness, chocolate, Easter, food

This egg is not for the faint-of-heart

17 Godiva Egg
The Godiva Egg is classically rich. Either creamy milk or heady dark chocolate, this egg comes with their special Spring Pop Eggs, with spring flavours such as raspberry cream and hazelnut praline. The hazelnut praline in particular received high praise. 
Buy from: godivachocolates.co.uk
Rating: 4/10


A dark chocolate Godiva egg, truffles on the side




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